Voxelcaverns 11w50b

VoxelCaverns Indev2D 0.5, after the update was over

VoxelCaverns Indev2D 0.5 was the first update recorded on this wiki, although there were 12 updates before this. Its main features were lighting and dugeons, to test the lighting. A brief summary of the 12 previous updates can be found here .


New Features:Edit

  • Added lighting calculations
  • Made the terrain smoother
  • Added methods to make worldGen easier
    • World2D.setBlock
    • World2D.getBlock
  • Added block populators:
    • Added basic cave gen
    • Added small dungeons (rooms)
  • Added background block support
  • New Blocks:
    • Torch
    • Brick Background
    • Stone Brick
    • Stone Background

New Bugs:Edit

  • Lighting glitches