Blocks are small squares which are found everywhere in the world of VoxelCaverns. They can be destroyed with a single click and placed with a right click (after pressing the ID of the block on the numpad.) Some blocks, such as torches, emit light. Unique block types have a list of properties.

Unique Block PropertiesEdit

The current properties a block can have are:

  • Bytes:
    • A Block may emit light between 0 and 255
  • Colors:
    • The color of light the block emits
  • Bools:
    • A Block may be updatable
    • A Block may be notifiable when a neighbour block changes
    • A Block may be non-solid
    • A Block may be background
    • A Block may be replacable
    • A Block may have collisions
    • A Block may be a TileEntity
  • Shorts:
    • The Block's ID
  • Ints:
    • Time (ticks) to destory
    • Max stack of the block
  • Strings:
    • The name of the block in the inventory
  • ToolTypes:
    • Efficient tooltype
    • Tooltype that must be used to destroy
  • ToolMaterials:
    • ToolMaterial that must be used to destroy

Block DataEdit

Unique Block ID's:

If they are marked with a "(D)" they store data, look below for the data.

  1. Stone
  2. Dirt
  3. Grass
  4. Torch (D)
  5. Brick Background
  6. Stone Brick
  7. Stone Background (D)
  8. Long Grass (D)
  9. Wood
  10. Leaves
  11. Planks
  12. Copper Ore
  13. Tin Ore
  14. Iron Ore
  15. Silver Ore
  16. Gold Ore
  17. Mithril Ore
  18. Adamantite Ore
  19. Purple Flower
  20. Yellow Flower
  21. Red Flower
  22. Funky Flower
  23. Snowdrop
  24. Black and White Flower
  25. Sand
  26. Wooden Chest
  27. Golden Chest
  28. Silver Brick Background
  29. Gold Brick
  30. Green Torch (D)
  31. Yellow Torch (D)
  32. Red Torch (D)
  33. Purple Torch (D)
  34. Light Blue Torch (D)
  35. Coal Ore
  36. White Torch (D)



0) On top of block

1) Hanging on left

2) Hanging on right

Stone BackgroundEdit


0) Stone Background

1) Dirt Background