Here is a list of the block properties:

Unique Block Type PropertiesEdit

The current properties a block can have are:

  • Bytes:
    • A Block may emit light between 0 and 255
  • Colors:
    • The color of light the block emits
  • Bools:
    • A Block may be updatable
    • A Block may be notifiable when a neighbour block changes
    • A Block may be non-solid
    • A Block may be background
    • A Block may be replacable
    • A Block may have collisions
    • A Block may be a TileEntity
  • Shorts:
    • The Block's ID
  • Ints:
    • Time (ticks) to destory
    • Max stack of the block
  • Strings:
    • The name of the block in the inventory
  • ToolTypes:
    • Efficient tooltype
    • Tooltype that must be used to destroy
  • ToolMaterials:
    • ToolMaterial that must be used to destroy

Code of Block PropertiesEdit

public byte lightLevel = 0;
public bool isUpdatable = false;
public bool isBackground = false;
public bool changesStayable = false;
public bool HasInventoryData = false;
public bool isTileEntity = false;
public bool isReplacable = false;
public bool isSolid = true;
public bool isCollidable = true;
public Color lightColour = Color.Black;
public int timeToDestroy = 50;
public ToolType efficientTool = ToolType.None;
public ToolType mustDestoryTool = ToolType.None;
public ToolMaterial materialToDestroy = ToolMaterial.None;
public int MaxStack = 99;
public short BlockID;
public string Name;